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Future Skills is a finalist in the Construction Skills Queensland 2015 Excellence Awards for Registered Training Organisation of the Year.

20th October 2015

We're excited to announce that Future Skills has been selected as a finalist in the Construction Skills Queensland 2015 Excellence Awards.
Future Skills provides post trade electrical and work health and safety training in

Queensland and the Northern Territory. We provide public courses or onsite training in hazardous areas, electrical instrumentation, high voltage switching and work health and safety.

Our client satisfaction rates are 88.7% with trainer quality at 89.0%, up from 87.8% in 2014.

Sydney Assessments

1st October 2015

Future Skills International Sydney OTSR assessments commenced in late August at Absolute offices in George st Parramatta.

All participants involved in the first round of assessments as well as subsequent ones have commented how convenient the venue is in regard to parking and public transport. There is also plenty of eateries where participants can get food of their choice in their breaks.

As an assessor, I feel it's important to make anyone who is coming in to complete an assessment feel at ease and relaxed with the whole process. It can be a nervous time for many participants, so I make sure that every part of the practical and written assessment is explained clearly. Not placing them under pressure helps to make them feel confident about getting through the day.

The great satisfaction that I get is when people say that they enjoyed the assessments and that it was a good test of their electrical and practical knowledge.

The decision to start assessing overseas skilled electricians in Sydney has been successful because a lot of overseas electricians are currently working in the Sydney area. This saves them time in travelling and accommodation costs if they have to travel to any other venues. A day off work is all that is required.

With the fantastic support of our administration team I know the participants are well informed on the day, and all I need to do is make sure the process goes smoothly for all to get a good result.

Jeff Harman

Electrical trainer and assessor

Electrical Skills Assessment

31st May 2013

How do I get my electrical qualifications recognised for work in Australia?

In Australia, regardless of your qualification, you need to have an electrical licence to work as an electrician. Yet funnily enough this key step is often overlooked by people arriving for work on a temporary or working holiday visa. As a result many overseas qualified workers have arrived in Australia and found themself unable to work until they have gone through a formal skills assessment process.
But what do I need to do! A simple Google search of the internet will show you the confusing range of information and misinformation about how to get your skills assessed if you're an electrician and want to migrate to Australia.
In this blog we're attempting to cut through the red tape and explain exactly what you need to do depending on the type of work visa you are seeking. Please note, we are not attempting to provide you with advice on the right type of visa for you, only advice on what you need to do to work as an electrician in Australia because of our licensing system .
Let's consider the three general pathways for migrating to Australia for work purposes.

1. I want to get a permanent visa based on my skills.

You must have your qualifications and skills assessed by an Australian training provider who is approved by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), an agency of the Australian Government.
Future Skills International www.futureskillsinternational.com.au is a TRA approved organisation for assessing the skills of overseas qualified workers.
Go to http://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx
Once you are successful in this process, you will be issued with a skilled migration letter you will need for your visa application and an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) which you will need on arrival in Australia to apply for a provisional licence to work as an electrician.

2. Are you seeking a temporary work visa (commonly known as a 457 visa)?
If you're looking to migrate to Australia on a temporary work visa and have sponsorship by an Australian employer, you can now opt in to the skills assessment process that applies for permanent migration.
Why would I do this? It's simple. If you don't have your skills formally assessed before you arrive in Australia you will have to have them assessed in Australia before you can get a provisional licence to work.
Currently, you can apply for what is called the Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC) which will take a minimum of three (3) months to complete. This involves a review of your qualifications, skills and training and your employment experience in your occupation, followed often times by a trade test.
Alternately, you can now apply for an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) from a TRA approved organisation such as Future Skills International and complete this before you leave for Australia, or on arrival in Australia.
The key difference between the two systems, is the time it takes to you have your skills assessed.
Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) currently advise there is a minimum three (3) month processing time for an ARTC, whereas for the OTSR process, you can either have the process completed before you leave to come to Australia, or within a month of your arrival.
The obvious benefit of an OTSR is that you can apply for a provisional electrical licence to start work as an electrician straight away.
Please note, this step is not mandatory to receive your temporary work visa, but you cannot work in Australia with a provisional electrical licence unless you have been through this process or equivalent in Australia.

3. If you're on a working holiday visa.

Similar to anyone arriving with a temporary work visa, you will still need a provisional electrical licence to work as an electrician on a working holiday visa.
We're aware that it's quite common for people to be told don't worry about anything we'll sort out your work arrangements when you get here.
The reality is unless you have an OTSR you won't be able to legally work as an electrician for at least three months and many new arrivals have found themselves having to work and be paid lesser money as a trades' assistant.