Skills Assessments

The Australian Government requires assessments to be undertaken in trade occupations for migration purposes. These requirements vary depending on the country of origin and whether the person is applying for permanent migration, for temporary work, or for licensing purposes.

For electrical trades, there are also additional licensing requirements to be able to work in Australia, where overseas qualified electrical trade workers are required to work under a provisional electrical licence and undertake further training.

To help facilitate access to a provisional electrical licence, the Australian Government has now introduced an opt-in skills assessment process for overseas trained prospective migrants to elect to have their skills assessed, either in their country of origin or on arrival in Australia.

Applicants who are successfully assessed in a licensed trade receive an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). The OTSR can be used to apply for a provisional licence from an electrical licensing regulator in Australia. Applicants still need to meet other non-skill licence requirements. See the following information.